Do I have to buy tickets in advance?
It’s a good idea to buy tickets in advance as all tours have limited space. If you would like to pay in cash you may also make a reservation by calling us at (210) 802-9187.

Will I see a ghost?
There’s always a possibility of experiencing or documenting paranormal activity, but our tours are more designed to share stories, facts and information with our guests. There is no way to control paranormal activity, but we also offer ghost hunts where we teach about ways to hunt and capture ghosts through EVPs and photos.

What should I wear?
Dress for the weather with comfortable clothing and shoes. Remember, you will be walking 1-2 miles depending on the tour.

What should I bring with me?
We recommend bringing a camera or phone to document paranormal activity. It’s also a good idea to bring a bottle of water.

When should I arrive?
Please arrive 15 minutes early for check-in. Tours will begin at their scheduled times. Guests must be present at start time to participate in tour.

How will I find you?
Our tour guides will be in black Curious Twins shirts and will be holding brochures.

Are these locations really haunted?
If a site is on our tour it has been historically documented as haunted.

Will tours be held in the rain?
We value the safety and well being of our guests. Severe weather will be monitored. Please call or text to see if the tour is still on.

Are these tours handicap accessible?
Though our tours are handicap accessible, some streets and sidewalks during the tour may be uncomfortable for those in a wheelchair. Use extreme caution during tours.

Do you offer group rates?
Yes, we offer group rates at a 25% discount for parties of 10 or more.

Do you provide discounts for students, educators or military?
Yes we provide a $2 per ticket discount for students, educators and military. Please call to purchase or reserve discounted tickets.

Can my dog come?
The “Spirits of the Alamo & El Rio de San Antonio” tour is the only tour that is dog friendly for well-behaved pets. Service animals are welcome on all tours.

Is this a local company?
Yes, we are a local company. We have traveled the nation in search of paranormal experiences, only to find that we want to share these experiences with those around us at home. We are Stephen and Fred, brought together by our mutual love and respect for all things spooky. Stephen is a horror film enthusiast and Fred is a psychic medium with deep interests in the paranormal.

How do you capture a ghost on camera?
Take pictures randomly about the area. If you plan to conduct your search in one specific area, take photos from as many angles as possible of that spot. Say out loud in a clear, calm tone “If anyone is here, I invite you to show yourselves in my pictures. Make sure to take several photos. Review your pictures to see if you caught anything. If you have photo editing software or app, it can be helpful to run the pictures through some filters in order to highlight unusual items.

Some things to look for are:
>Orbs – Some theorize these to be the simplest form of a disembodied soul, they are probably the most common captures. An orb usually looks like a white ball, however it can also be a different color. In most cases it is just a speck of dust or even an insect, so don’t get too excited about orbs unless you can be 100% sure there is something very strange about it. Most credible ghost hunting groups discount orbs due to the very high risk of them being easily explained.
>Human Forms – If you’re lucky, you may capture an apparition; these are actual bodies or body parts of ghosts. It takes a lot of energy for a ghost to appear like that.
>Thick Mist – Very thick mist-like shapes or streaks, often in very specific areas. Usually it’s very obviously not normal mist.
>Lights – Be sure you know where your light sources are (street lights, houses, etc) and that you can discount someone creating it. This is a controversial capture as many can be explained.